Samsung Develops ‘Graphene Ball’ Battery With 5x Faster Charging Speed

Samsung Develops ‘Graphene Ball’ Battery With 5x Faster Charging Speed

Heart44 writes: A number of outlets are reporting a Samsung laboratory breakthrough allowing smaller and faster charging lithium-ion batteries using three-dimensional graphene. Digital Trends reports: "Scientists created a ‘graphene ball’ coating for use inside a regular li-ion cell, which has the effect of increasing the overall capacity by up to 45 percent and speeding up charging by five times. If your phone charges up in 90 minutes now, that number will tumble to just 18 minutes if the cell inside has been given a graphene ball boost. What’s more, this doesn’t seem to affect the cell’s lifespan, with the team claiming that after 500 cycles, the enhanced battery still had a 78 percent charge retention. The graphene coating improves the stability and conductivity of the battery’s cathode and electrode, so it’s able to take the rigors of fast charging with fewer downsides." The technical paper describing how the graphene ball works and how it’s produced is published in the journal Nature.

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November 29, 2017 at 02:09AM

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