Leyden is an accelerator / venture capital firm solely focused on finding new battery technologies that will change our world.  We have access to dry rooms and pilot scale manufacturing facilities that will allow quick and easy  testing of new materials and ideas.


We are charging.


We named our company after the Leyden’s jar.

A Leyden jar, or Leiden jar, is a device that “stores” static electricity between two electrodes on the inside and outside of a glass jar. A Leyden jar typically consists of a glass jar with metal foil cemented to the inside and the outside surfaces, and a metal terminal projecting vertically through the jar lid to make contact with the inner foil. It was the original form of a capacitor (originally known as a “condenser”). (Source: Wikipedia)

It was invented independently by German cleric Ewald Georg von Kleist on 11 October 1745 and by Dutch scientist Pieter van Musschenbroek of Leiden (Leyden) in 1745–1746. The invention was named after the city.  (Source: Wikipedia)

Leyden’s team consists of industry experts that will help you take  your idea to the next level – prototyping and production.



Please send inquiries to battery@leyden.io